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Our minimum order for local deliveries is currently 40 cubic yards.  We define local deliveries as approximately 20 miles from one of our four material storage centers.

We have mulch storage centers in Rocklin, Sunol, Lincoln and El Dorado Hills.

For your safety please be advised that access to these sites, which involves the use of large scale heavy equipment, is prohibited to the general public.

Calculate bark coverage amount.

Please Enter the dimensions of your materials area (in whole feet):

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3″ is the recommended depth for areas that have a base of bark down. If it is the first time you are putting bark down or it has been so long that you can see the roots of your trees and mostly bare dirt, then 4″ is ideal to re-establish a base due to the uneven ground that is exposed.

A quick way to determine the total cubic yards needed is by using the following shortcut, provided that you know the area in square feet you wish to cover.

Simply input “1” as the length value, the total square footage in the width field, and specify the required depth.

This is how you would input the values into the calculator section to determine the required amount of mulch for covering an area of 6000 sq ft with a depth of 3 inches.

To gain a better understanding of the proposal and ordering process, please refer to the following

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Step 1:  Once you have the total cubic yards required you can then request an installation proposal.  Please be aware, Bark mulch is sold by cubic yards.

You have two options to request a proposal: either fill out the quote request form on our website or email us at

Helpful Tip: Our calculator above can help you calculate the total number of cubic yards needed.

To calculate the number of cubic yards needed for your project, you should measure the area and input the data, along with the desired depth.

Keep in mind, slopes and uneven surfaces require additional bark mulch beyond a basic “width by length” calculation.

Step 2:  Upon receiving your proposal request, we’ll send you a written proposal with the pricing and terms within 24 hours of receiving your request (weekends excluded in the 24 hrs.).

Step 3:  Make sure to carefully review the proposal to ensure that you understand everything. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns.

Step 4:  If you’re satisfied with the price and terms, provide written approval to proceed by replying to the proposal email and including your consent.


Clarification: Consent can either be a signed proposal emailed back to us, or reply to the proposal email with “I approve the proposal and terms. Please schedule an installation date.”